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Philé - Australian Bird Finger Puppets

Philé - Australian Bird Finger Puppets

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Play along with the famous storybook ‘How the Birds Got Their Colours’, sing about the Kookaburra in the Old Gum Tree, or practice making the unique and wonderful sounds of these vibrant native birds. Each set includes a Kookaburra, Pelican, Galah, Cockatoo, and the Rainbow Lorikeet.

SIZE - Between 7cm - 9cm.

COMPOSITION - Each set of finger puppets is ethically hand made from 100% wool, using food safe dyes that are safe for babies and pets. 

FABRIC & CARE - 100% wool, a naturally resistant material protected by the lanolin that surrounds individual wool fibres, repelling moisture and dirt.

For liquid spills-
Wool is naturally water repellent and if spills are dealt with quickly, the wool won’t absorb much liquid.
How to clean-
Dab liquid up with damp cloth, repeat with clean damp cloth, let article dry.

For dust and other dirt-
If the article is large and flat, it can be vacuumed.
If the article is smaller and soiled, gently hand wash in lukewarm water using wool soap.
-Dry away from direct sunlight.
-Do not agitate the article too much during washing as it will promote further felting.
-DO NOT soak, machine wash or put anything in the dryer. This will shrink and distort the item.

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