Collection: REMME

REMME was born out of the need for a clean, premium hair and body wash to elevate your family's daily bathing ritual. Founded by Sarah McGrath, the brand is built upon an unwavering social, ethical, and environmental consciousness aiming to contribute to a healthier future for mother and child.

After having her first child, Sarah noticed every wash product she bought catered only to her child's sensibilities and left out the person who would interact with the product most. "I was longing for a fresh approach to children's skincare. I wanted one simple, essential, fragrance free, and safe product. I wanted the best product for myself and my child but didn't want to give up on my love for beautiful, well-designed products.

REMME represents the ability to blend the wellbeing of child safe, natural products with thoughtful, minimal design. Our product reminds you that your independent self is always present. From the design to the ingredients, this dual hair and body wash was created for modern living.

REMME is made and manufactured in Sydney, Australia and our small team works out of Tasmania.