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Ina Swim

Ina Swim - Nella Rash Shirt - Dandelion

Ina Swim - Nella Rash Shirt - Dandelion

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The Nella Rash Shirt features full length sleeves to protect your child in the sun and high neck design and zip closure on back for an easy pull over style. This rash unisex rash shirt is made from a recycled blend of nylon and elastane, chlorine resistant and has a UPF 50+ rating.

Retro Wave by Ina-Step into the vibrant world of “Retro Wave” by Ina Swim, where boldness intertwines seamlessly with minimalistic allure. This captivating collection brings forth brighter colours and dynamic stripes, evoking a playful nostalgia that pays homage to the retro wave era. Ina Swim artfully blends exuberance of patterns with the simplicity of clean lines and refined aesthetics.

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