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HOWL magazine - Issue 02

HOWL magazine - Issue 02

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HOWL is a print magazine exploring the intersection of creativity and motherhood. A publication that posits that the experience of mothering – full of tenderness, wonder, mundanity, fury and insight – is worth weaving into the fabric of art, culture, literature and design. HOWL challenges the societal prescription of what a creative-thinker or mother should be.

In HOWL Issue 02:

Searlait O’Neill ponders what other mothers are doing. Maya Newell pulls creativity from the personal. Lulu Well heals trauma through craftwork. Leecee Carmichael explores new ways of making. Michelle Fitzgerald howls through losing (and becoming) a mother. Thando Sikwila is open about facing down stigma and being fearless for her daughter. Zoe Freney challenges through self-representation. Luana Holloway reflects on mothering through lockdown. Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd captures the juggle of motherhood with twins. Ryhia Dank embodies authenticity and defies categorisation. Jordi Henry and Holly McCauley prioritise friendship in business. Rose Ricketson dreams a future of communal mothering. Liane Armstrong photographs an overlap in time…

& more, across 160 pages that continue to explore questions, complexities and truths that challenge the societal prescription of what an artist, creative-thinker and mother should be.

Featuring art by Alice Lindstrom.

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